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Did Nancy Pelosi Say She Wanted to Kill Poor Babies?

nancyWell, the family planning services reduce cost. They reduce cost."

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke these words to George the Greek Guy Commentator on ABC’s Sunday Morning political talk show. George as usual was giving her softball questions – that’s all the media seems to do these days – about the economic stimulus package that will saddle our children’s children with debt for the rest of their natural lives.

(WARNING: Parenthentical Pause Here) Whoever thinks that it’s a good idea to borrow money to spend money in an economy that’s in a recession because too many people and institutions borrowed money to spend money is an idiot. Yes that means you President Barack Obama.

But that’s another story. Anyway, I had to read the transcript from the show twice. I mean did she actually say that? Did Nancy P., spill the beans on the secret agenda of the left to kill poor babies? Did she out them?

OK now before you think I’m some crazy right-wing nut let me give you my credentials. I’m a Democrat. I voted for Obama. I worked for the Democratic Party in Colorado. I’m what you would call a conservative Democrat. My friends call me a closet-Republican. But I am not as cynical as many conservatives I know. I believe in free will and that includes the free will to be an idiot. But I am a Christian and the major thing that bothers me the most about the Democratic party is its pro-abortion stance. (And it ain’t pro-choice – pro to choose to kill that’s all).

So being an anti-abortion advocate I have studied up on the subject. I’m not some freaky protester who waves signs and shouts my mouth off. I do believe that women have the choice to follow God’s will for their lives or to kill their child. (Too blunt???)

I began my research when I was a reporter some years ago. I was reasearching Planned Parenthood’s beginning. One of its founders was being celebrated through a big donation and I was covering the event. I talked about family planning but I also looked up PP’s business of abortions. Often PP is the only place a woman can get a legal abortion in her area. I was shocked when I looked in the Farmers Almanac (no it’s not just for farms any more) to discover that for ever black baby born in the United States one is killed. That stat is still true today with about 503 of every 1,000 black babies ending up in dumpsters. Being an African-American female I was disgusted. Culturally it’s against everything that’s black to kill your kids. Blacks, and I include our ancestral brothers and sisters in Africa, are notorious for taking in the kids of family when momma and daddy don’t act right! How many black grandmothers you see raising kids? Far too many. So, I thought, what in the world would make black people kill their children at such an alarming rate? (It’s 3x as much as white women btw).

That question led me to Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, like-minded to Hitler and prima donna of the American eugenics movement. For the uninitiated eugenics was a movement in the early 20th century to rid the world of the undesirables – the mentall ill, the disabled and the poor and ethnic minority in order to breed a better human being. Margaret Sanger a “public health,” nurse worked in the hard-boiled ghettos of New York, mainly in Manhattan. Her official autobiography will tell you that she was a champion of women’s reproductive rights and part of the women’s freedom movement. And she was. She was also the woman who created the Negro Project in 1939 which enlisted black preachers in an effort to promote sterilization among the black community. Well, no one’s  perfect right?

I know this sounds like so much right-wing consipiracy and I was skeptical but thank God people in the early 1900s had to write their thoughts down because you can get a real sense of Sanger’s passion to exterminate blacks, Latinos, the poor and disabled and anyone else she felt didn’t live up to her intellectual standards in her magazine the Birth Control Review. Sanger called Jews and Latinos “weeds, a deadweight of human waste…” and that blacks were a menace to the human race. Yeah, no need to accuse me of taking her words out of context. She said them I didn’t.

Anyway, back to Nance P., a woman who is lock step with Margaret Sanger if there ever was one. A woman with six grandchildren but those babies deserve to live because they’re part of the rich powerful elite!

Since George I’m too worried about my hair didn’t ask Ms. Pelosi a follow up question I’m left to assume what Nancy meant when she said “family planning reduces cost .” She didn’t say contraception only so I can only assume she means more than the Pill. Family planning…hmmm whatever could that nebulous, friendly-sounding term mean? Well there’s contraception of course. There’s  birth spacing. There’s condom usage. Oh yeah and abortion. So abortion saves costs. But what costs? Oh yeah the cost of another human being. So by Nancy’s logic, babies should be killed to save costs. But she couldn’t be talking about people who are rich because presumably they can afford the costs. Sooo poor babies who are killed save costs.

So by that brilliant deduction Nancy P., wants to kill poor babies. And I know you population control freaks are saying so what – there’s too many people on the planet. Well I don’t think there would be too many people on the planet if people would just let nature take it course. But the longevity lobby, the advocates for the baby booming I”m going live forever generation is much bigger than the unborn child lobby. So we get a Speaker of the House who advocates killing poor babies to save money and no one bats an eye.

I’m too sad to be angry at my party. It’s just tragic that we’ve become the Grim Reaper of policy issues. Where in our Constitution does it say life, liberty and the pursuit of death?


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