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Veep Vexes Void Veracity

OK, ok. So I’ve stayed as silent as I could this election season. I mean really, politics is for the rabid not the reasonable. But I am amazed that the general IGNORANCE that has permeated the body politic since “Maverick,” John McCain chose unknown PTA girl as his Vice-Presidential running mate. At first I thought this was a joke. And I gleefully road the SNL train as it lambasted the, how shall we say, unsophistication of the woman who could be a heart beat away from the presidency. But after Palin “put the heels on and took off the gloves,” and began to attack Obabma personally my laughter turned to concern. Not that she was taking jabs. That’s what a VP is supposed to do. But the venom that has been injected into those jabs are beyond the pail. Or, more accurately, extremely reminiscent of the smear tactics the Repbulican right-wing machine used against the formerly straight-talking, now BS walking McCain.

Let’s start with this Bill Ayers thing. Bill Ayers was a 60s radical and founder of The Weather Underground. This group participated in domestic terrorism and unfortunately the  victims of their terrorist antics were a couple of the anti-war protesters themselves although they did destroy parts of the Pentagon and other government buildings. Federal charges against Bill were dropped and he reformed himself or transformed himself to become a educational activist and respected member of Chicago society. (An oxymoron to some).

In that transformation he worked with an community organizing Obama who sat on the board with Ayers and a bunch of others at the Chicago Annenberg Challenge or CAC. Based upon that association Palin says Obama was “palling around with terrorists…” If serving on a board together was the only criteria then a few more people were paling around with terrorist including fellow board members:

Arnold Weber, republican who served in Nixon’s White House and John McCain supporter. According to Palin’s criteria this former Regan advisor is also a “friend to terrorist…”

Scott C. Smith, president and publisher of the Chicago Tribune, served with Obama on the CAC.

John McCarter, president of the Chicago Field Museum

You can get a list of the board members of the CAC in 2001, 2002, and 2003 the latest year I’ve found available.

For a deeper look at the Republic-Ayers connection through Annenberg read John Martin’s blog on how Republican’s gave $50-million to Ayers on the Republicans for Obama web site. It’s a beauty only because Palin decided to take the gloves off with the wrong association. You can play the Kevin Bacon game of six degrees of seperation and link Ayers all the way to the WHITE HOUSE! 🙂

By Palin’s definition Ayers is a terrorist and since Annenberg gave him $50 million to run CAC, then Bush, Strom Thurmond, Fred Thompason, Rick Santurom, Mitt Romney, were all funded by a guy that gave $50 million to the man Palin calls a “terrorist…” So now are all these Republican politicos beholden to a terrorist supporting organization. Should they be investigated by Homeland Security? I mean isn’t Homeland Security and Bush going around “freezing bank accounts…” to organizations they think support terrorism. Well should they be looking at Annenberg, one of this country’s most prolific and richest philanthropist.

All this to show how ridiculous this political campaign has gotten.

The fact that Palin is even bringing up Ayers shows that she’s taking a page out of the right wing playbook. I listen to Rush Limbaugh every day and he foams at the mouth when talking about Ayers and Obama. They’re all one-note ponies with no kind of research skills whatsoever. And today he say that Ayers wasa just like Timothy McVeigh. Wow. It just keep getting uglier.

Not to excuse Ayers actions as a left-wing anti-Vietnam protester. But Palin is certainly showing her – unsophistication – by throwing out these attacks. She’s showing that she doesn’t have an original thought. If she really wants “answers to questions…” then someone should ask why her husband is part of a successionist group?

But hey let’s not go there. We’ve got phantom terrorist associations to play up! Why go after the truth.


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