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They are born outcasts. Discarded by the

They are born outcasts. Discarded by their families, hunted by the police and each other, the young black youth of Englewood are often forced to fend for themselves in the most violent neighborhood in the most violent city. Yet these young men who fought with rage and abandon in the streets somehow turned it off and turned it around to become top notch boxers in the ring. They have turned themselves from castaways into creatives taking the violence, hurt and trauma beset upon them and turning it into trophies, hip-hop tracks and wisdom. In this episode we meet the young men of The Crushers Club, a boxing gym in Englewood that has become an oasis of strength and talk to founder Sally Hazelgrove about her life’s work to serve in a place most people avoid at all cost.


In this episode of “Ordinary Mortals”

In this episode of “Ordinary Mortals” we talk to Megan White, wife, mother, cultural executive and triathlete who decided to transform a community. She helped African-American women, some of them with a deep fear of water, find a home in the sport of triathlon. Building a community isn’t easy, especially when it involved fundamental change but Megan had some inventive and creative ways to build a culture of triathlon in one of the most unlikely places. Listen and see how she did it.

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