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Do You Know These People?

Do You Know These People? Marie and Maurice, dancing couple in 1938 Paris

So I arrived at my apartment Thursday to unload a bunch of stuff I had in my car. I went to snag a moving cart but they were all taken. It seems movers were throwing out a bunch of steamer trunks that had been up in my apartment building’s attic. And when I say bunch I mean like 40 or so. Crazy. So anyone who truly knows me knows that I’m anachronistic. Not in the Society of Anachronism way where ladies call themselves “wenches,” and stick their boobs out and men like to dress up like “knights,” and joust, but in a cool way where I’m like an old soul who appreciates the past and its effect on her future. Which is why I tend to like “old” homes and living in a hotel built for the World’s Expositionin 1893 and subsequently added onto in 1923 is a dream. Well today I scored some steam trunks that were housed in the attic of the hotel for years. From the newspapers inside the locked trunks (yeah I had a safety pin) it seems they’re from the 1930s. With the help of some nice movers I drug the trunks to my apartment. My plan was to turn them into book cases. And I will still do that. But then I opened one and I found two photos albums.

It was amazing. The albums are heavy, seemingly leather bound casing with thick paper. Inside there are dozens, upon dozens of photograph of a couple who I figured out were named “Maurice and Marie.” The two apparently were dancers. And the couple were the “darlings,” of Paris in 1938. Still trying to track down their actual names. But in the slideshow you’ll see an autographed photo of another woman who’s handwriting is so atrocious I really can’t make out her name. Also you’ll see a photo of a man who wrote to them in French. (That’s how I got their names). So my hobby will be refurbishing their trunks and trying to figure out who the heck they are! Can you help?

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One thought on “Do You Know These People?

  1. I love this….. it’s a beautiful mystery.

    Posted by Monika | June 15, 2012, 11:27 pm

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