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The Power of Positive Thinking and Other Paths to World Domination


Ideas are like fire if you don't get them out into the open they won't lived to be realized!

So I was ghost writing a blog for a client on little known Twitter tools businesses can use to enhance whatever the hell they’re doing. 

So of course that meant I had to go find some Twitter main staples but also some unusual Twitter tools that well, you just can’t find by doing a Google search and looking on the first page of results that pop up. 

Yep, we’re talking second and third page results of Twitter tools. 

One thing I learned after looking at more than 1001 Twitter tools available – yes there are more than that since there are more than 1 million Twitter apps available today. A Twitter app is generated like once every second and so my odds of finding a Twitter app social media gurus have never heard of was high. The odds of finding a useful Twitter app that most folks haven’t heard of well, that seemed a higher bar to reach. But I did O.K. In researching all the Twitter tools that I could in that hour it took me to write the blog I did come across several Twitter apps focused on one thing – predicting moods. 

Now Twitter is known for it’s ability to take the pulse on trending topics. Notice it’s high usability during seminal moments like the Arab Spring, the Japanese Tsunami and Snooki’s pregnancy announcement. Yet I think a lot of social media analyst are missing the boat on Twitter’s psychological abilities.

Twitter is not just good for predicting trends and spotting pop culture norms it’s also good for getting a general pulse on the nation’s mood. I personally say it’s better than that stupid Consumer Price Index number or the incredibly shoddy unemployment report shilled by the government to get a handle on economy. I mean does anyone really believe the jobs report from .gov? 

If I really want to know if companies are hiring I’ll search for the hashtag #jobs, #recruiting, #hiring and see what I come up with. Forget the Bureau of Labor Statistics, they don’t know until someone tells them. On the Twitterverse there is no middle man, the company tells you. 

Along with keeping tabs on #economy, #crime, #housing and #race on Twitter I also keep up with #tech, #entrepreneurs and #VC’s. But my favorite thing to keep track of on Twitter is mood. 

Analyzing people’s dispositions by looking at their Twitter feed may seem unreliable but I think that the folks at got it right. Analyze words, according to its website:

 helps reveal your personality by looking at how you use words. It is based on good scientific research connecting word use to who people are. 

Type in a Twitter handle and find out if that person is depressed, angry, laid back or analytical. You may be surprised at what you come up with. I know I was. When I typed in my Twitter handle my recent tweets showed me to be a “depressed, Valley Girl, who lives in the moment.” Not exactly how I pictured myself. But that’s what was going on that week when it analyzed my Tweets. 

I was depressed, so to speak, anxious and worried about the new start up I’m launching. Trying to figure out how I was going to make this business go and keep a roof over my head. I’m still thinking about  that today but I’m not as anxious about it. I looked through my Facebook posts, my blog posts, and my e-mails and just my whole Internet experience these recent months and it was enlightening.

I discovered a woman I hardly knew. One who complained constantly, argued, bullied, yelled out others through hyperlinks and exclamation points. It wasn’t pretty. I had become an Online Ogre and I didn’t like it.

When I got that little jolt of reality from the algorithm I decided I would be more positive in my online  engagement. No more judging, snarky, complaining comments. Just bright and sunny like I know my personality really is.

Making an intentional effort to be positive worked and my analyzation this week – even though it was the toughest week for me – ended up being “Upbeat Valley Girl,” with a tie between sensory and living-in-the moment. 

The point isn’t to live my life by my Tweet mood. The point is to intentional live my life in a positive manner to give out love instead break it down. To be positive to others and throw out good vibes even when the world seems like it’s going to crap all around me. Because at the end of the day it cost nothing to be positive and everything not recognize the positive in your life. 

I have a fantastic life. A wonderful God. A great mission and purpose and a lovely talent to pair it all with. So what if I’m a Valley Girl, I love saying stuff like “dude,” and “awesome.” But I’ll take “Upbeat Valley Girl,” any day over Negative Nancy. 

So dear boys and girls. No more negative talk. That doesn’t mean I won’t be analytical, critical or invoke thought. I’ll just be a bit nicer about doing it. 

Does this all sound a bit to New Agey? It’s not. It’s just me wanting to return to being me. That is all. 



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