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Day 1 Marathon Training

So today is the first day of marathon training. Unless you’ve been living on the road trailer for the Sarah Palin Express you’ve heard that I’m running the #Chicago Marathon! I’m raising money for the AIDS Foundation of Chicago! (You can sponsor me here
Today I started with my training. Officially it’s a meeting but I snuck in a quick 30-min run!
I used loathe running! And I don’t mean that statement to be some funny euphemism for doing something I really liked that was totally insane but complaining about it so people didn’t think of mr as weird! That’s how I feel about triathlons. I complain about them but I secretly love them! Not so with running.
Hauling my big butt up and down hills, being passes by 10 and 70 year olds, never seeming to be faster than a 14-min mile this was running for me! It had always been a deeply humiliating experience! Regularly humiliating.
But then my marriage fell apart, my career imploded, my finances dissolved and when I moved back to #Chicago in July of last year I told everyone it was to take care of my mom and that was true but it was also a desperate attempt to reclaim a piece of my former glory that had everyone thinking I was going to save the world @ 18.
My first step was to get control if my weight. I had ballooned to 285 pounds and hadn’t done a race in 3 years after competing in more than 30, most triathlons.
I joined #LA Fitness got into a spin class and started swimming but I refused to run! I had had enough humiliation, pluck was super heavy! But by October I took that first run on the Lake Front. It wasn’t that bad. And by November I did my first 5K race and then inexplicably I signed up for a 10-miler! What was I thinking? Then I ran 4 miles, then 5 and a couple of weeks ago 8! Now I’m doing a marathon. And running to there wasn’t a trace of embarrassment or humiliation just elation! Woo hoo! I’m running a marathon! Will you join me?




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