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Blogging Fever

So last month I blogged for 31 days straight. I considered that a minor miracle since I didn’t have Internet at home at the time and I had to travel at least 8 miles one way for a connection. I caught blogging fever and wrote like crazy. Then I took a break. It’s not that my well has run dry it’s just that I got busy with my trip to Haiti. But I’m back now. And I’ll be blogging every day starting July 1. I hope to focus my blog more on a layman’s guide to writing on the web. I’m by far no Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land, one of the most prolific SEO content kings out there but I’m not dummy either and I’ve got stuff to share.

I learn a ton during my work with Compassion International and its social media and online marketing strategy building and well, I counted and I’ve been writing for online venues for about 10 years. So I’m going to focus a lot more of my writing advice on making your online presence heard for non-writers and folks who are scared to death of the whole content is king concept.

Content is king but it’s the quality of the content that can move mountains. So stay tuned!

And while we’re at it here’s another postcard from Haiti!

Haitian girl

Isn't this Haitian girl a cutie?



One thought on “Blogging Fever

  1. Some good points, i have found creating high quality, one way releavnt Link Building improves your rankings for your chosen keywords. Its best not to spam your site with poor unrelevant links.

    Posted by refreshstudio | July 1, 2010, 6:46 am

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