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My Help Haiti and Gladys Story

USFCH Board Member Karla

USFCH Haiti Board Member Karla and her best Alanna

How Can I Help Haiti
I spotted her in the crowded New Delhi airport. She was standing in line just in front of me. There were hundreds of us stranded in India over night thanks to heavy fog.  Yet my mind was halfway across the world thinking, “How can I help Haiti?”

Our airline inconvenience was minor compared to what happened the day before. Thousands of miles away, Haitians were trembling in terror. A massive 7.0 magnitude had struck and had leveled the country’s capital city. People were scrambling around the world trying to figure out, “How can we help Haiti?” As a person who had worked for Christian humanitarian ministries like Compassion International and The Voice of the Martyrs, I knew Haiti was a nation in perpetual need. So this earthquake would be more than devastating. It would have been catastrophic. My heart quickly went out to what I knew were Haitians who were heavy laden. One question echoed in my mind, “How can I help Haiti?

I Can Help Haiti, but How?

On the airplane she sat in my cabin. I noticed her again. We both went to the back to get a beverage and we got to talking. “Did you hear about that earthquake in Haiti,” I asked, ready to engage in light chit chat over tragedy. She almost lost it. Her voice quivered and she said, “Yes, that’s where I’m from.  I’m Gladys Thomas,” she said, ” and I run an orphanage, hospital and school in Haiti. We’re trying to figure out how we can get supplies there from New York. and I can’t get in touch with my family.”
A Silent Cry to Help Haiti
We prayed, cried, hugged and laughed. We got off the plane and bumped into each again at the bag recheck line. I normally don’t check a bag when I fly, I’m sort of a guerrilla traveler and I was silently berating myself for checking a bag this time, but that change in my routine allowed me to speak with Gladys more. I told her of my background in marketing and communications and how I would do anything to help Haiti. I was willing to volunteer to help Haiti through communications with donors or anything she needed. She gave me her card and said, “I’ll put you in touch with Rebecca, president of our board in Tulsa.”
And I smiled. I had been wondering why God moved me to Oklahoma two years ago. I’ve done great things there but I had to smile at this turn of events.
“Well,” I said. “I live in Oklahoma, not far from Tulsa.” And the relationship was solidified.
I began volunteering that month and in June had the honor of meeting Gladys again and the board members of the United States Foundation for the Children of Haiti which supports Gladys’ work in Haiti.
So now I’m helping them stay in contact with donors online. What about you? Are you ready to help Haiti?

Do you know how you can help Haiti? You can help Haiti by donating to the USFCH which supports Gladys’ work.

Have you already helped Haiti? Tell us how you got involved in helping Haiti? How did you get involved with USFCH? Do you have a Gladys story? Share yours.



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