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A Triumph in Haiti

Helping Haiti Earthquake Victim

A loss of limb did not damage this Haitian woman's strength or spirit

The driveway was steep and rocky. She stood at the bottom, her arms hunched on two steel crtuches surveying the pathway. Chucks of rocks the size of grapefruits sat scattered in front of her each willing to trip her up at the smallest nudge. Though she had one leg, her other one crushed and swallowed up by the earth, she seemed unfazed by the task that lay before her. Climb up the upturn unpaved driveway while leaning on crutches without falling seemed an impossible task. Yet with a small sigh she began her trek. She had to get inside the hospital, one of the few left standing after an earthquake destroyed much of Haiti’s capital city.
When a young man reached out to help her the gray haired woman quickly brushed his hand aside. Straightening up the bottom of her pale orange housecoat ensuring all was firmly encased inside the woman leaned onto the thin steel supports and began climbing he drive way. Rocks slipped, dust flew but she remained steady tackling the steep curvy road like a well-oiled race car on Indy day.
After a few minutes she finally stood upright, triumph. This is the strength of Haitian. This is the resilence of Hatians. This is the way to Haiti’s future.



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