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So I’m as busy as a church mouse on Saturday so this one is going to be short. Which is good because my blogs tend to be way too long. Maybe it’s my background as a feature writer but whatever. I finally did something else in the library beside use the Internet. I checked out a book. I’m reading Malcolm Gladwell’s The Outliers.
For those of you who don’t frequent The New York Times Best Seller List, The Outliers is the self-help book for the intelligentsia. Gladwell, a writer for The New Yorker and Washington Post, decided to discover the secret to success. Instead of examining his own life as so many authors do he studied the above average. From Bill Gates, the Beatles to exceptional Canadian Hockey players, Gladwell sets about determining what indeed makes success. His results are profound. But I’m more fascinated by his hair.

Malcolm Gladwell author of The Outliers

Malcolm Gladwell author of The Outliers

Each time I see this guy I can’t concentrate on what he’s saying because I’m fascinated by his hair. Is he Jewish? Italian? Black and Italian? What combination of ethnic gene splicing came up with that hair?
Gladwell’s brilliant supposition about the secret to success? It takes a combination of hard work, cultural preference, breeding, natural selection and some good old plain luck! The idea that success is accidental, reserved only for the rich or overnight is debunked by his research – despite evidence to the contrary in Megan Fox a chick or that Pants on the Ground Guy, who is obviously devoid of talent but highly successful.
Megan Fox

Megan Fox - Not an Outlier

Even though I just started the book is great. Gladwell has an easy-to-digest writing style. But when you look at his appearance on the CBS morning show I defy you to pay attention to anything but his hair.



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