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Take 37 Seconds for Haiti’s Children

United States Foundation for Haiti Children
Do not try this at home folks. In less than two weeks I’ll be on a plane to Haiti. Check back here as I’ll be doing some live video streaming – thanks UStream – and some live blogging.

Take 37 Seconds to Help Haiti’s Children
The following video is 18 minutes long but it’s the 37 seconds embedded in it that is the most terrifying. That’s how long it took for the earthquake to destroy Haiti’s capitol building in Port Au Prince. (I know the video says 35 seconds but most folks are saying 37 seconds.)

Palais from Morgan Freeman on Vimeo.

We’re turning that destructive force around and asking people to Take 37 Seconds to Help Haiti’s Children. More on the Take 37 Seconds campaign to come. During the campaign we’re going to raise about $100,000 for the United States Foundation for the Children of Haiti, a Christian nonprofit that works with Haitian orphans. The USFCH is based in Tulsa but operates orphanages in Haiti. The USFCH complex includes:
1. Haiti Home for Children – a safe haven for about 90 orphaned children ages 2 to 14.
2. School of the Good Sower – a elementary school on the orphanage’s grounds that serves the orphans and children in the nearby vicinity.
3. Hope Institute for Children with Special Needs – helps 23 orphaned children with developmental and physical disabilities.
4. Hope Hospital – a pediatric hospital to serve the children under USFCH’s care as well as members of the surrounding community.

I know the Blogathon will be over but here’s hoping some of my fellow bloggers will take up our mantle. I’m coordinating an all online fundraising campaign to help raise money to rebuild the orphanage’s damaged building as well as repair its hospital and other places. I know that help for Haiti is a buzz phrase now but here’s an opportunity for you new bloggers, old social networking gurus and just good-hearted folks to really get behind a Haiti-based organization to help take care of some critical needs. I’ll be posting pictures, video and some other information later. I’m hoping you will join us in this campaign to help Haiti’s. This will be a full on social networking campaign as the organization which has its board based in the United States has an all volunteer board. It has no American paid staff and has only Haitian staff and does not have a fundraiser or development person.

Hospital at United States Foundation for Haiti Children

The USFHC hospital was only one of a few left standing.

Haiti Destruction_United States Foundation for Haiti Children

This destruction happened in about 37 seconds.

Why Help Haiti’s Children with this Group?
I’ve been involved with international development and humanitarian aid for about six years and nonprofits in general for about 12 and let me tell you I get donor fatigue. But I met Gladys Thomas, the Haitian executive director of USFCH on Jan. 12, on a plane from India to Chicago. Notice the date. Gladys is truly wonderful and by the time I ended that 14 hour flight I was ready to sell my car to help her. From my knowledge of development and my gut I can tell this organization is efficient because 98 cents of every $1 raised goes DIRECTLY to helping children in Haiti. They have a very low overhead. Your giving will be put to immediate and good use and will not go for fat cat administrative offices or mysterious expenses. Besides, I’m eager to put into practice all the online, social network marketing skills I’ve learned and why not do it for a great cause?
Check back here for more stuff on Helping Haiti’s Children and remember to Take 37 Seconds and think of Haiti. Send them good vibes, prayers and love. They’re going to need it for a long time to come.



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