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Race Consciousness

TITLE: Race Consciousness

by dylan of

Molo! Unjani? Ndiphilile! (Xhosa for “Hello! How are you? I am Living Good!”)

Thank you to Ovetta for allowing me the privledge of Guest posting on her awesome blog Musings of a Writing Princess for 2010 WordCount Blogathon day. I am not a Writing Princess, more like a blogging squire. As a challenge to me, and a gift as well, Ovetta tasked me with writing about my view of race in America. Also look for her guest post on discordianZen coming soon!

As for my blog – I’m curious as to how people view race in this country. I’d love to have someone write about the moment when they first became conscious of race, whatever that moment may be. Mine came when my mom and I went to pick out a doll for Christmas. It was quite an illuminating experience that I remember to this day. And if you’re still not conscious of race I’d like to hear about that as well (although living in America I don’t know how you couldn’t be).

Wow, race consciousness in America and my first awareness of it, is a heavy topic. It has given me some trouble to not only think of my first consciousness of race, but how to put this into words I can be proud of. My wonderful grandmother “Mamm” taught me, “No one is better than you! But you are no better than anyone else.” Life experience has shown me that everyone of us humans has trials and tribulations. Ups, downs, goods and bads. And that we could get a lot more accomplished as a race, the Human race that is, if we worked together, instead of trying to divide everyone into groups that we fear.

The passing of the Arizona Immigration Bill has brought racism and xenophobia to the public forum. Swat team raids and the National Guard being called in Chicago for gangs, seem to show institutional racism. Our country seems so caught up in our differences we can’t value our similarities. I have no answers or solutions, only hope that my son can see a day when his country has moved on to value the life and work of not only every U.S. citizen but every Human Being on or off the Earth. I leave you with an awesome hopeful song by a really cool South African Hip Hop group Driemanskap, “Camagu” means to value your heritage but look forward to your future.

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2 thoughts on “Race Consciousness

  1. I think you hit the nail on the head with the word “fear.”

    “Bad behavior and irrational decisions are almost always caused by fear. If you want to change the behavior, address the fear.” ~ from Seth Godin’s recent blog

    Posted by Georgia | May 18, 2010, 10:02 pm
  2. Wow, what powerful stories! I have a few myself. When I was little I wanted one of those doll heads – the kind you can apply makeup to and do its hair. When I got one, there was an African-American one in the box and my mother said we’d return it. I think that was the first time I became aware of racial matters.

    Later, in graduate school, I took a course in cross-cultural communications and we often discussed race. One thing I had never heard come up before was the sense of white privilege. I asked my mother if she had ever felt she was in a privileged position because she was white. She said never, but later told me a story about the company where she worked after she graduated from high school in 1950 – you had to be a white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant to work there at that time. She said she remembered the controversy when the company hired its first Catholic employee, its first black employee, it’s first Jewish employee. Such a different time.

    Posted by Joanne | May 19, 2010, 3:15 pm

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