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My Favorite Shooters: Photographers That Rock

In an age where any person with a phone can shoot a photo it’s easy to forget that there are real artists out there. I’m not necessarily talking about those with shows in New York or LA art galleries. More about the men and women who can play with light, shadows and frames in a way that delights, disturbs and demands our attention. These are photographers who take everyday life and turn it into art. I happen to know and have worked with three amazing photographers and so my blog posts is dedicated to pictures of them.

Chuck Bigger Hard at Work

Chuck Bigger in Bangladesh, photo by Dave Smith

Chuck Bigger

I met Chuck Bigger when I was a newbie reporter at the Gazette in Colorado Springs. He was the photo editor there at the time and though we didn’t work together much I was always impressed by his skill and compassion. So when I began to work for Compassion International about 10 years later I was thrilled that I would work with him. Chuck is probably the nicest person in the world. I mean truly, he’s so compassionate and such a beautiful human being. It shows in his photographs. Chuck often documents the crushing poverty children are forced to bear but his photographs always seem to capture the God-given human dignity of everyone his photographs.  See more of Chuck’s photographs at:

Chuck Bigger Photo - Bangladesh

Portrait of child in Bangladesh, photo by Chuck Bigger

Photo by Chuck Bigger

Fisherman in Bangladesh, photo by Chuck Bigger

Photo by Chuck Bigger

Photo by Chuck Bigger

Sean Sheridan

Photographer Sean Sheridan

Photographer Sean Sheridan

Sean was introduced to me as a writer. He had done some online writing for Compassion and I worked with him when he was a freelancer for the organization. But soon I found Sean’s true calling – he has an eye for the world. One thing I love about his photography is that he has an unbelievable ability to change my mood with his photographs. Viewing Sean’s work is watching a Shakespeare tragedy. There’s drama, humor, introspection and plain sadness wrapped up in an undeniable feeling of transformation.  If you look at Sean’s photographs and are not moved or changed then I’d call a doctor and check your pulse. Sean Sheridan photograph’s the world’s soul and shows how beautiful it is.

Because Sean is so freakin’ cool you’ll have to go to a series of websites to see his work. But here are some candid shots I’ve managed to scrounge up.

Sean Sheridan Haiti Images

One of Sean's Images from Haiti

Sean Sheridan in Haiti

More Haiti Images by Sean

Photograph of Leper Colony by Sean

Leper Colonies Still Exist and Sean Sheridan Photographs There

Photographers Sean Sheridan and Chuck Bigger

Photo of Sean Sheridan and Chuck Bigger, by a Compassion Staffer

John Kotlowski

John Kotlowski

John, the road warrior photographer

John is the curve to my straight arrow. My most vivid memory of him was the night I sat in a cramped Manitou Springs apartment with his head in my lap  singing to Alison Krause’s version of Down to the River to Pray, while he came down from a violent alcohol high. John is my muse to create characters who have a tortured soul, a passionate twist of bright reds and yellow stuck in a black and white world.

When people say On the Road, I visualize John. He epitomizes free and spirit and he is an amazing photographer to boot. John taught me about the preciousness of life and its finality so if you can do, get to it because you only live once. And his photography is in your face, offensive, soothing and just disturbing but in a good way. You can view his work at:

Photo by John Kotlowski

Photo by John Kotlowski

Only John could take this photograph and make it amazing



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