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Is this a Dem site? Rush petition backfires on Democrats

rush_calloutSo I went to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s Web site which launched an online petition to “Stop Rush Limbaugh.”

I didn’t need to read the site because I listen to Rush every day. It’s a habit I picked up when I was 19. Yes, it’s ironic that an African-American woman, a Democrat and social justice queen listens to Rush. Mainly because my political philosophy is closer to John Locke than Marx! Anyway, I went to check out the site and found of the 1,500 or so comments on the site most were left by Rush supporters. I found it funny. It made me wonder if the Dems bought of more than they can chew.

Since Obama seems to be on his Arab kick this week I will give him some advice through an Arabian proverb: “Arrogance diminishes wisdom.”

It is not wise to tell the opposition party, yeah you have your ideas but I won. Don’t believe your press Obama. The black card only works once. Trust me I know. Black may get you in the door but it certainly won’t keep you there. And if you want to go down in history as the “LAST” black man to become president you better recognize that not EVERYONE  voted for you. And it wasn’t just the crackers and the KKK crew that refused to support you.

It is not wise to throw good money after bad. As a conservative democrat I am morally opposed to englarging the federal government. It has been proven time and time again that in policy making the government is woefully inept. There is not one government-funded program that works even remotely as well as a similar program in the free market. Not a school, not a social service office, not a housing program and not even a war. So providing $550 billion in government spending does not fill me with warm fuzzies. It’s good money, my future children’s future earnings after bad.

It is not wise to deny the opposition. Look at George Bush. He became one of the most maligned presidents because of his characterization as a President who shut everyone out. Don’t be that president. You may not hear the opposition’s take over if you do that.

I predict a clearing of the bicaramel legislature in 2010.



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